Saturday, April 16, 2011

Begin: Three/ Seven Deadly Sins!

Yay for the 7 deadly sins!!! [in this case, the three deadly sins, haha.]

I was wondering if it was bad to have two different styles.  I drew the last one, sloth [with the girl holding the wine] not really caring about how I drew the two previous ones, but a friend told me that it would be better to have a cohesive style.  I asked another friend who told me that it's fine to have totally different styles as long as you have collections of both [so they make more sense].  Either way I think their advice makes sense although I haven't drawn anything else in the same style as the last one.  

I'd like to see if anyone can guess what sin is what drawing!!!

The first one: Vanity/ second one: Gluttony/ third one: Sloth.  For Sloth I went along the lines of "not living up to one's potential" thus the graduation picture in the background and the diploma hanging on the wall.  I still have yet to develop it though... maybe I should have the frame cracked and the wall dilapidated, etc. hmmmm...  I also can't seem to get away from drawing cupcakes. or cupcakes-with-limbs-people-ish-things.  Can't wait to color these!!!
As always, suggestions and criticism are welcome~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The show at SACI went wonderfully well and the turnout was tremendous!  

Much thanks to Melia for this picture!

Now back to work! Ciaociao!