Friday, February 11, 2011

sketchy bizness

 Went to the Academia and saw Michelangelo's "David" and I sketched St. Matthew from the "Twelve Apostles" series that was never completed; St. Matthew was the only one Michelangelo even started!

Apparently this reminded my teacher of Arshile Gorky's works-- I don't see how it does but oh well?  It was nice to go through his works again looking for similarities between what I had just drawn and Gorky's works.  It also reminded me how important it was to remember exactly WHO certain artists names were because when my teacher first told me about him I said (much to my embarrassment), "Arshile Gorky, who?"  I had to google him to remember that yes, I did in fact know who he was and I actually referenced him for a painting I had worked on during freshman year.

 Some drawings I had fun with while eating dinner at an American diner here in Italy.  Any suggestions on if I should add color or not?  Currently I'm feeling like I should. 

And thats all for now!  Ciao ciao!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let's get down to business!!!

I got down to some business last week.  I took the time to sit myself down and DRAW PEOPLE.  (I don't think I've done that since life drawing in freshman year.  Or I haven't done it this intensely since freshman year.)  The sketches I've recently scanned are drawings from when I was sketching my roommates here in Florence.  It was really fun and I actually went out with a friend to sketch at a cafe but I didn't get the chance to scan those yet so I just have my sketches of my roommates for now. 

In my High Renaissance art history class we've been going to a lot of museums and right now we're learning a lot about Leonardo da Vinci.  I was really influenced by the early paintings of the women in his time period-- how the artists would normally only paint women in profile, (If I remember correctly they painted them in profile/ looking away to show their modesty or humility.  Learning about that made the "Mona Lisa" even more intriguing.) so I drew my roommate in profile and tried really hard to capture her personality and portray it through her expression.  (As a sidenote: I just loved how certain women (back in the day) were thought of as intellectuals and as a result they were shown having the "thoughtful" smile and carrying a book to show their wisdom, etc.)

Experimentation with the gray Faber brush pens was quite fun but when I went looking for them at the art store (Zecchi's) here I couldn't find them!  I could only find the fine tip ones!  Sad face.

A fun, loose drawing of Prosecco bottles with (gasp) color!  I credit Firenze for helping me to tiptoe out of my box and try different mediums.  

 I haven't done any collage in my sketchbooks since freshman year so I decided to add that in again just to change it up a bit.  The flashy bits of Lindt chocolate wrapper really gave a sparkle to the background.  I just might do it again.  Maybe.

And thats all for now!  Ciao ciao!