Saturday, October 29, 2011

Candy Coated City

Been working on four illustrations showing how a girl's wish turns a city into a candy covered world.  

First attempt:

Second attempt:

I really wanted to show that the candy taking over the city is vibrant and full of life.  This was the first time I've worked with watercolor so successfully!  It was really exciting and awesome.  Of course there's still a lot to learn, but this was a great experience.  And combining watercolor and digital was another good process to learn/ try out. 

Lipsync Attempt

Had issues rendering this out in general, so unfortunately there is no sound.  Yeah, what's the point of a lipsync without sound you say? My response: IMSORRYYYYYYIMTECHNOLOGICALLYIMPAIREDohtheexcusesabound.  All in all, it's a draft.  Let me know what you think.

The girl on the viewer's left with the cell phone is talking into the cell about the incompetent mother on the right.  Here's some suggestions I already received- agree/ disagree? Add little feet as the stubs are distracting/ change girl on the right's arm so it's moving a bit more [the one that is holding a cell phone].  This isn't the whole thing, but maybe another test will be up soon?

Monday, October 10, 2011

THESIS TIME: Kitchens and the Kids' room!

I like to draw the insides of buildings/ rooms so I had a lot of fun designing and drawing the kitchen and the kids' room.  I tried to give the rooms more of an "off-kilter" look to offset how round our characters are especially b/c my previous kitchen sketch was a bit too clean.  Really pulled from Coraline.  This isn't too relevant, although its relevant to our thesis idea: I just love the scene where Coraline first meets the other mother in the kitchen and the other mother turns around and BAM-- scary button eyes.  Anyway, here are the new kitchen sketches~~~

And Danny and Maddy's room!  They share a teeny tiny room with a creepy stick-on moon on their wall; such strange kids.