Monday, September 26, 2011


So for our thesis my friend Stephanie and I are working together.  I just finished working on the character model sheet of the boy character we came up with- Danny.  Aaaand a sneak peek at our basic thesis idea: It's about two children who try to make their controlling and emotionally abusive mother proud via their warped perception of her demands.

And another close up of him.  Yay rocket ships on shirts and poofy tufts of hair!

Also did a sketch of the kitchen we'll be using:

Now onto making the mom's model sheet!  Can do, can do!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Poison Bottle

My first assignment for 2D Character was a "poison bottle" assignment.  We had to make the bottle enter via the right side of the screen, make the character transform, and make the bottle exit via the left side of the screen.  Working on some minor adjustments, but here's the first run of Red turning into Ms. Cuppycake!

Poison Bottle from Sarah Kujubu on Vimeo.


For my 2D Character class I tried to design a character that will eventually make a walk toward a mailbox in the hopes of delivering his/her love letter to the person he/she likes.  These are some of the characters I came up with in class.

Although this is the character that I think I'm going to use:

Not going to lie; I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying myself in my 2D Character class.  I haven't done any 2D Animation [besides the truck I did in Flash while in Italy] since the beginning of Sophomore year so I was pretty starting out, but I'm pretty happy that I'm enjoying this class so much.  I shall work hard to make this feeling continue all semester and hopefully for the rest of my life~~~