Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let's get down to business!!!

I got down to some business last week.  I took the time to sit myself down and DRAW PEOPLE.  (I don't think I've done that since life drawing in freshman year.  Or I haven't done it this intensely since freshman year.)  The sketches I've recently scanned are drawings from when I was sketching my roommates here in Florence.  It was really fun and I actually went out with a friend to sketch at a cafe but I didn't get the chance to scan those yet so I just have my sketches of my roommates for now. 

In my High Renaissance art history class we've been going to a lot of museums and right now we're learning a lot about Leonardo da Vinci.  I was really influenced by the early paintings of the women in his time period-- how the artists would normally only paint women in profile, (If I remember correctly they painted them in profile/ looking away to show their modesty or humility.  Learning about that made the "Mona Lisa" even more intriguing.) so I drew my roommate in profile and tried really hard to capture her personality and portray it through her expression.  (As a sidenote: I just loved how certain women (back in the day) were thought of as intellectuals and as a result they were shown having the "thoughtful" smile and carrying a book to show their wisdom, etc.)

Experimentation with the gray Faber brush pens was quite fun but when I went looking for them at the art store (Zecchi's) here I couldn't find them!  I could only find the fine tip ones!  Sad face.

A fun, loose drawing of Prosecco bottles with (gasp) color!  I credit Firenze for helping me to tiptoe out of my box and try different mediums.  

 I haven't done any collage in my sketchbooks since freshman year so I decided to add that in again just to change it up a bit.  The flashy bits of Lindt chocolate wrapper really gave a sparkle to the background.  I just might do it again.  Maybe.

And thats all for now!  Ciao ciao!

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  1. Hahaha, I'm loving the Mulan reference. :P

    Awesome sketches! I wish I could be that inspired. :( I guess plain ol' American art school isn't enough.