Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dolce, and some inspiration

Went walking around some more and visited the Uffizi [it was so great!]  It was amazing being able to finally see the paintings that I had only seen pictures of in my art history class.  It sounds so cliche, but I felt so blessed and happy that I have the opportunity to be here and see and do all these things.  Not to mention that I felt REALLY blessed being able to eat a delicious dolce!  Sierra's, at the top left was a croissant, Jess's, at the top right was a cream filled croissant with a chocolate top, and mine at the bottom was a sugar glazed, cream filled croissant. 

I'm also being reminded as to why I came to Florence-- SO much inspiration all around me. It seems like everything here is so beautiful.  [Every time I see photos I post up here I keep reminding myself that I took them-- that I was right there and that this isn't someone else's photo that they took.  I guess that it's still pretty unreal to me.]

And thats all for now!  Ciao!

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