Monday, June 25, 2012

UPDATE: Yes, I'm Alive

A lot has gone on since graduation and I've finally gotten around to updating!  So after graduation I went to NYC with my family:

Our hotel was right by the Chrysler building!  After our NY adventure I returned back to Paradise for a bit-- long enough to eat some good food, visit my Grandpa, and have a little bubbly.

I stayed with an awesome friend for a bit before I found my own place.  Here's what a deluxe breakfast consisted of for Steph, Jean, and I while we were apartment searching:

Because I don't have a car yet, Jean and I have been walking everywhere.  Here are some sights that we've run into! 

One street had the prettiest houses with the most neatly kept yards ever.  This house was the most fantastical though.  Their little tiny dog looked real silly though. 

Aaaaaand now I'm living in Burbank!!!  Here are some grocery things that have amazed me:

99 cent eggplant??!?! Mind. Blown.

I also live by a Yum Yums.  It's 99 cents for seven-eight donut holes.  My life is complete... almost.

Cucumber and Lavender soda??? Gotta try this.

Seriously, the produce prices here are blowing my mind.  I'd like to add that those strawberries were DELICIOUS.  Possibly made sweeter by the price.

Much thanks and love to Vickylah for helping us get stuff from IKEA with her fabulous car. :D  

And now time for hilarious mall findings.  Jean and I explored downtown Burbank.  Here are some fun things we found:

A new ride!

Something utterly horrifying.

Finally found a butter dish with a LID!  I've been looking for one for over a year.  Good job, Bed Bath & Beyond!

We celebrated Jean's birthday with red velvet cupcakes, cream cheese frosting, lots of sprinkles, and colored candles!

And finally ate at In-n-Out!!!  [It was delicious.]

I've also been working on some new artstuffs!  I love Natasha Allegri's art, so I've definitely been influenced by her work.  

For this character I tried to add a lot of sweets references like whip cream hair and a waffle cone skirt-business.


  1. Ahhh now I really want to come to California! Except for the creepy manikin what the hell is that

    I want to eat your waffle cone lady. *_*

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