Monday, July 30, 2012

Submarine Interiors!

Here's the initial layout sketch of the inside of the submarine:

I'm trying color out!  I'm thinking that since the character is searching for her "perfect home" where she fits in she'll carry certain things from home to home.  For example, she loves baking and her bedroom is her safe haven which she populates with pictures of her ideal home, thus they have similar colorings [or will have similar colorings].  Here's my progress so far:

Please let me know about the colors and such!  [If they're working, etc]

Tried to change the saturation and such/ lighten some and darken others.  Please let me know what you think is working and what still needs some attention!


  1. Love love LOOOOVE it~! Wonderful color choices, I want to live there too! The warm bedroom and kitchen feel super cozy, and the blue of the main room gives this sense of "we got a mission but let's enjoy our adventure while we're at it." There is probably a word for that.

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