Sunday, March 13, 2011

a hopeful trend?

I really got into doing some drawing of potential places for my little grocery truck to drive down.  BUT I feel like I should start from the beginning:

Inspiration has struck and I have begun to storyboard/ animate!  Kind of.  It's better than nothing and it's been making me happy.  The rough story focuses on a woman/ girl whose job is to deliver produce/ things in her little produce/ grocery truck: [basing my produce/grocery truck design off of the ones I see at the market all the time]: 

I also went to the Sant' Ambrogio market to do some car studies:

 So the rough story so far goes like this:  
  • Grocery truck flies down the street [produce bouncing everywhere]
    • bounds down another street and we're able to see girl's harried face
  • Girl's produce car makes a stop in front of a market with umbrellas poking out of the stands: lots of bustle
    • animate people/ figures walking past
    • record crowd noises somehow
  •  Show girl unloading from truck and haggling with vendors: exchange money
  • Battle thief who tries to steal her produce
  • Follow her on her way home
    • show another conflict: her getting accosted as she tries to enter her apartment[?]
  • Drinks cup of tea/ takes laundry inside off clothesline/ goes to bed
  • Starts day all over again: show girl getting into produce truck
SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREAT.  So far I've just been doing key poses [?] for the grocery truck flying down streets.  It's just way too fun to draw this little car.  I still have to add in the other car who is going to be battling the poor delivery girl... I wonder which car to pick.  [There are so many cute, aggressive cars here]  The streets were just too fun to draw-- I think I could go on doing JUST that for awhile... but I need to buckle down and seriously rough storyboard this all out.


  1. Hahaha, nice! I really, really love all your sketches and studies.

    Your story sounds like it could be pretty funny. Especially when she's battling it out against other cars for parking or fighting off thieves and stuff. But it sounds like the story might be a little long and a little tough to do in a short amount of time. This is for your final for the semester, right? Are you just aiming to do the storyboard? If so, then you should be fine, I think. But if you're planning on doing an animatic (which I believe you are), I think you might have a little trouble finishing...

    To shorten the story, I would suggest cutting it down to just one major conflict (you sort of multiple battles going on, haha). Since you seem to be really interested in the cars and the streets, I think you should stick to the driving/parking conflicts. And have it end with her arriving at her produce stand area with relief, after dealing with her crazy battling-for-parking-scene or whatever you do. And if you want, have a little twist at the end, and then sort of cliffhangery ending? Just for funsies, and you know, something unexpected. But that's up to you.

    The race/"battle" should be pretty intense! With like some produce flying out of the truck as she's hurtling down the streets and bouncing along. Should be fun! :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestions-- they were really really helpful. I agree with you; shortening it to one battle is very smart. Again, thanks for the suggestions!!!!! [superduper helpful!]

  3. Haha, no problem!! :) Glad to help cut down the work load for you too, haha!