Monday, October 8, 2012

Back On Track

It's been awhile, but I finally got back to working on some portfolio business!  Lately I feel like things have been constantly changing and right when I feel like things are about to settle down, BAM they change again.  Apparently that's how things are when you first start out?  Or so I've been told.  Gotta love change.  It truly is for the better. As for these thumbnails, I was trying to fart out ideas of how to show the girl's character through her environment.  I'm going to have to put more detail into the environment, but this is some basic blocking out of my thoughts.  This has been really really helpful in helping me visualize them (my thoughts).  I'm not sure if it's because I've only been working my part time recently, but my brain felt like everything was all jumbled and these thumbnails have finally pieced together all those ideas and thoughts.  Now I feel rejuvenated, reinspired and back on track.  LETS DO THIS THING.

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