Thursday, October 11, 2012

Water Movements

I was watching "Legend of Korra" awhile back and I was really inspired by the animation.  I decided to start animating again! [this time digitally since I don't really have access to a rapid scanner anymore]  I discovered that I love animating in Flash which I haven't touched since my semester abroad, so this was a fun experiment/ learning process.

Fun fact: when I first started this it had been about four-five months or so since I'd animated anything so it blew my mind that I could "make pictures move"...  I kept on scrubbing through the timeline giggling.  You know when you're a kid and you see cartoons on TV? I was that kid that stared at the TV a little too hard trying to figure out how they made the picture move.  So when I went to school and learned how they did it.... yeah, my mind was blown.

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