Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Submarine: Personality

Feeling a lot better after getting back into the art groove.  I tried working on this after I came home from work and I'm feeling a lot more productive.  Yay!  Just gotta keep this up.  This is the interior of her bedroom in the submarine from my previous submarine post.  My goal with this piece is to show her personality through details in the room.  I think I'm going to add most of the poster and postcard/ photo details on the walls in Photoshop as well as the color.  I based this off of the upper left thumbnail sketch from  my post two days ago.  I'm so happy my girlfriend encouraged me to sketch digitally.  It's so much fun!  I actually just did a digital test animation as well.  Hopefully I'll upload that soon, but I remember telling her, "Oh my goodness- I LOVE animating digitally.  Why did I not start doing this earlier?!"  She sighed because she was the one who had suggested I start animating digitally earlier.  Haha, I guess I should listen more closely to her advice.

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